From short to long: 11 drillings in Baton Rouge

No job is too big or too small for the Drillguide Gyro Steering system! In the summer of 2021, Brownline has been taking part in the expansion of a very large chemical plant in southern Louisiana, by surveying 11 drills for Directional Services South.

With eleven different drills completed ranging from 630 ft. to 3,900 ft., we have been able to provide a valuable contribution to the expansion and ongoing maintenance of the Baton Rouge chemical plant’s pipeline network. Each drill was completed with confidence while using the Gyro Steering System, Radar for Intersects, and Annular Pressure Monitoring. Due to the precise punch outs needed, the utilization of our Radar system for Intersects allowed our surveyors to complete each drill with the extremely high accuracy that was demanded by the customer. By monitoring the Annular Pressure while drilling and verifying the drilling mud returns, this project could be completed in a cost-effective manner, while also leaving a minimal footprint on the environment.

This Baton Rouge chemical plant produces 6.1 billion pounds of petrochemical products each year ranging from adhesives to rubber liner for tires and isopropyl alcohol. The continued investment into this chemical plant helps allow them to be able to supplying health and cleaning related products around the world during the COVID-19 response effort.

Brownline is pleased to have been able to contribute in the completion of this successful project.

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