Four HDD crossings for undergrounding of 150 kV lines

In September 2023, Brownline contributed to four directional drillings in Breda. Here, an overhead powerline above the residential areas is being replaced by an underground connection underneath the residential areas.

These crossings were carried out by contractor Klever Boor- en Perstechniek BV. The project involved a 2 km / 6500 ft route, where six pylons will be removed. With two sets of two parallel crossings, the replacement 150 kV cables were installed underground. These crossed under the residential areas and had a length of 1349 m / 4425 ft and 784 m / 2572 ft.

Accurate and without interference

The overhead power lines and the many underground infrastructures at this location cause continuous magnetic interference. The Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool is not affected by this interference and so the GST ensured carefree drilling. With the highest accuracy, the drill was navigated under the residential areas. Furthermore, the complex horizontal curves in these crossings were steered with extreme accuracy.

Because of the residential surroundings, it was very important that inadvertent returns of drilling fluid were prevented. Because of the length of the crossings, this was a considerable risk. To minimize this risk, Brownline’s Pressure-While-Drilling service was used. Pressure sensors inside the GST made it possible to carefully monitor the downhole pressures. If the pressure rose, measures could be taken to avoid any blow-outs.

Electric and zero emission

This project was noteworthy because the crossings were completed fully electric and with zero emission. The electric drilling rig and all the other equipment were not powered by a diesel generator. Instead, huge rechargeable batteries were used. Empty batteries were changed out, taken to a charging station to be charged with solar energy, and returned to the drill site.

Contractor Klever had this video made about these zero emission crossings:

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