Fiber optics HDD with narrow margins in Gothenburg

In March 2024, Brownline surveyed a drilling for fiber optic installation in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. In this complex drilling, the narrow margins at entry and exit and the very soft soil conditions presented a challenge. The drilling was surveyed with our Gyro Steering Tool. 

Both the number of residents and businesses in Gothenburg are growing very quickly. To provide everyone with fast and stable internet, the fiber optic network is being expanded. In early 2024, the drilling work started under the Göta älv, the river that flows right through Gothenburg. At a depth of 72 ft / 22 m below the busy river, a horizontal curve was made and after 1213 ft / 370 m the drilling resurfaced on the other bank. This drilling was performed by contractor Styrud.

Narrow margins and soft ground

During this drilling, we had to work with a narrow working area, which left no room for deviations from the planned curve. The steering ability was limited due to the very soft ground, which made the drilling even more challenging. With our Gyro Steering Tool we were able to precisely measure the drill head and minimize the deviation from the S-curve despite the difficult circumstances. Thanks to our GST and our expertise, the crossing under the river could be completed.

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