Expanding the Dutch power grid

The power grid’s capacity in the Netherlands is increasingly taxed. To ensure that it remains stable for consumers, a lot of effort is being put into expanding the capacity of the grid by means of renovations and extensions. In this context, Brownline surveyed three intersect bores near Diemen, commissioned by Van Vulpen in 2021.

With all the developments in recent years in the field of the energy transition and the enormous economic and demographic growth of the Netherlands, it is not surprising that the demand of the power grid increased at an enormous pace. The national power grid operator is therefore fully engaged in keeping the grid up to date, in order to prevent overloading of the system. Just outside Diemen, on the edge of the IJmeer Lake, there is a 380 kV high-voltage substation. Part of this station is being renovated, which requires a new 150kV cable connection. This new connection will be constructed at a maximum depth of 39 meters below NAP, partly under the lake.

Brownline surveyed three bores for this project; of 1,429, 1,451 and 1,428 meters long. The three trajectories were set out parallel to each other, and will each contain four tubes with a diameter of 200 mm. The Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool in combination with the Radar Tool for intersect drilling was chosen for this drilling. The locations of the entry points on both sides, combined with the drill lengths and the need for absolute control of the mud pressure made this project a nice job for our tools! The entry points are right next to the power plant, after which the boreholes run parallel to the S114 highway, until the point where this road branches off to the northwest. From the other side, the entry points are on the beach of the newly constructed IJburg Strandeiland, after which a spur of the IJmeer Lake is crossed. For all three bores, the intersect point was located near a farm less than 400 meters from the power plant. Due to the presence of buildings, roads and nature, it was very important to execute these bores in a controlled and extremely accurate manner.

Due to the combined efforts of the Van Vulpen and Brownline drill crew, the three bores were carried out with precision and within the planned schedule. The grid operator can quickly and safely continue with the expansions of the electricity grid!


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