Expanding a water supply system in the Dutch coastal area

The coast line of The Netherlands is riddled with dunes. This characteristic piece of nature is not only a beautiful sight, but it also plays a big part in the purification of drinking water. To make sure that the transport of water from and to this area runs smoothly, the capacity of the water lines is constantly monitored and expanded or adjusted if necessary. Brownline has recently surveyed a drill for such a planned expansion.

Dutch tap water is known worldwide for its high quality. Both water from lakes and natural underground water are filtered naturally by pumping it through the dune sand. This happens without any influence on the nature reserve and its inhabitants. Subsequently, the filtered water is led through modern purification stations after which it is ready to be transported to the consumers. Through this process, several dune areas along the Dutch coast contribute to the quality and availability of drinking water in Dutch homes.

The goal of this particular project was to replace an existing water transportation line in the coastal area, to ensure smooth delivery both with the current and future demand for water. The current water line with a 400mm diameter will be replaced by a new water line of 600mm in diameter. The drill trajectory was set out at 25 meter depth, following the exact same trajectory of the existing line. To survey this 1117 meter long drill, both the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and the GPS Track were put to work. The drill was executed with extreme precision, so that the new line can be pulled in swiftly.

Thanks to this expansion, high quality drinking water will also remain available in the future!

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