Drilling with the precision of a Swiss watch in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Recently Brownline surveyed a 840 meter long drill job right in the middle of the Swiss city of Neuchâtel. Apart from the location, this does not seem like a very special drill, but the trajectory tells a different story.

Neuchâtel in Switzerland is the capital of the canton of the same name and lies on the shore of the Lake Neuchâtel. The city is rapidly developing. Part of these developments are the improvement of public transport routes and the construction of underground optic fiber data cables. Brownline took up the challenge for this latter project.

The 840 meter long drill crosses a height difference of 20 meters and runs directly under the city center. Besides the location, the main challenges for this drill lie in the extremely rocky terrain and the trajectory running very closely to a railway tunnel. Both the entry and exit point were situated immediately next to the railway. The exit point was also located right beside a road junction. Any deviation would have major consequences for both train as well as road travelers.

The Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool was the only answer for this complicated drill job; surface access was impossible and there was a very high level of external interference. By choosing Browline, the drill job was done with extreme precision and efficiency, so that the customer’s project planning was accomplished successfully.

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