Drilling while floating in Szczecin, Poland

In 2021, Brownline was able to make a significant contribution to a project near the city of Szczecin in Poland. We were commissioned by ZRB Janicki to survey nine bores. This sounds like any other project, but the special part is that most of the drilling was done from drill platforms on the Oder river.

The city of Szczecin is working hard to modernize its telecom network. Part of this is the installation of fiber optic cable. This network ensures that all residents and local businesses can benefit from lightning-fast internet in the near future.

This special project consisted of nine bores varying from 300 to 1300 meters in length. Three of these were landfalls, of which two were drilled in parallel. All of the other bores were set out under the Oder’s river bed and were connected under water. To successfully carry out this project, drilling was done from floating drilling platforms, supported by a diving crew and several boats. The divers were responsible for getting the drill head above water after each bore was completed.

Excellent cooperation between the drilling crew, the Brownline surveyor and the divers was of the utmost importance. However, the most important factor in this unique series of bores was the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool. Due to its unsurpassed accuracy and fast set-up time, all pilots were drilled safely and smoothly. Thanks to the great cooperation with ZRB Janicki's drill crew, this project was completed successfully!

ZRB Janicki has had a very nice project film made that we are happy to share with you:

Project film - Janicki

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