Drilling to connect refinery to resource in Texas

The city of Silsbee is the home of a large petrochemical manufacturer. For the expansion of their facilities, Brownline was commissioned by Point to Point Directional Drilling Services to survey a 3998-ft drill job in July 2021.

Over the last few years, the petrochemical company’s facilities have been expanded greatly. This project was completed in several stages and has led to a staggering 60% increase in production capacity. The focus for the entire project was on key points in the transportation and storage process. This included the construction of seven new pressure tanks, a five-bay truck and isocontainer loading facility, a second 10-railcar loading rack and three new storage tanks.

Brownline was called upon for surveying a 3998-ft drill job for a new gas pipeline, as part of the construction of five new finished-product pipelines. When completed, these pipelines will connect the production facility to the terminal and help to reduce the time and costs involved in truck transportation. The drill trajectory was set out at a depth of 65ft, running through very soft clay. Above ground, there were many factors to be taken into account. Silsbee is a green city, located in the middle of pinewoods that are part of the Big Thicket National Preserve. Combined with several creeks flowing around and through the city, make it a spot for nature lovers that has to be kept from any harm. Another important factor was the railroad that had to be crossed shortly before the exit point of the drill job, which is a cause for external interference.

By combining the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool with the GPS track for additional verification, the external interference caused by the railroad tracks did not play any role at all during the drill job. The project was completed quickly, successfully and, most important, without causing harm to the unique nature that this area offers.

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