Drilling over 6000 feet under a Danish canal!

In 2021, Brownline was involved in a challenging and lengthy drilling project: installing a fiber optic cable spanning over 6000 feet, under the Thyborøn canal in the northwest of Denmark.

This job, lead by Bohlen & Doyen Bau on behalf of Søren Knudsen A/S, faced some complexities. Not only was the total length significant, but the entire drilled section was under water and on certain parts, layers of marl and claystone had to be penetrated. For steering the pilot bore, Brownline’s highly accurate Gyro Steering Tool and GPS Track addon were used.

This well was part of a larger project to install an optic fiber connection between Kristiansand in Norway and Esbjerg in Denmark. It was also the longest horizontal bore ever completed in Scandinavia. Last month, this impressive HDD crossing was covered in German trade journal B_I umweltbau. Brownline is proud to have contributed to a well of this length.

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