Drilling in above and underground bustle!

In September 2021, Brownline surveyed a pilot bore for the completion of a natural gas pipeline in Mont Belvieu, Texas. This project for Direct Tech was carried out at a very busy location, both above and below ground!

Mont Belvieu houses a large NGL refinery. This by-product of gas extraction and is used in the petrochemical industry, as a fuel for space heating and cooking or blended into vehicle fuel. The refinery also has considerable storage capacity and therefore also a very extensive network of above- and underground gas pipelines.

Brownline was called in to help assist in the expansion of this large pipeline network. Even with the smallest of workspaces, Brownline’s Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool completes the pilot bore with ease. The small workspace was overcome by setting up the entry point in a pit dug especially for this purpose. The 18’ pit was dug just below the surface level for the initial bores. After completion, the pit was be excavated down another 8.5’ for the final bore. This bore had to cross under no fewer than 75 existing pipelines, making absolute accuracy of the utmost importance. In order to carry out the bore to perfection, the choice for the unsurpassed precision of the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool with the GPS Track for additional verification was an easy one.

The combination of our tools and the excellent cooperation between our Surveyors and the on-site drilling crew ensured a perfect execution of the three drillings and a smooth completion of the project!

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