Drilling for the storage of solar power

In 2016, a large solar energy center was opened in the town of Parrish in Florida. Over the years, huge amounts of solar energy were generated, but the extra energy was not used. Now, the world’s largest Solar Energy Storage Center will be constructed to store this surplus directly on site. In February 2021, Brownline has surveyed a 1645 ft. (501 meter) drill in support of this project.

The Manatee Solar Energy Center generates 74.5 megawatts, which is enough “green” electricity to light up 15.000 homes annually. Seeing as it was not yet possible to store the extra energy that was produced by the solar farm, there was still a necessity for non-solar power plants. By constructing the new Manatee Energy Storage Center, this need will be eliminated and emissions will be reduced further. The excess energy will be stored in the center’s enormous battery, which will send it to the grid when the demand for power is higher and the sun is not shining. Asides from the huge benefit for the environment, the Energy Storage Center’s construction will also provide 70 jobs and with that support the local economy as well.

Brownline’s expertise was required for surveying the drill for the construction of the power distribution lines that will connect the existing solar farm to the new Energy Storage Center. The 1645 ft. (501 meter) trajectory was set out at a depth of 53 ft. (16meter). At first glimpse, this should be an everyday drill job, but the soil circumstances and present underground objects were potentially influential factors. The drilling location is a wetland area, with very soggy soil. Another factor was the presence of 4 existing underground pipelines.

By using the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and GPS track combination, the drill job was executed with extreme precision, allowing for this project to be continued on schedule.

Brownline is proud to contribute to the transition to renewable energy!

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