Drilling for the natural gas connection between Denmark and Poland

The Baltic Pipe is a gas pipeline with a total planned length of 900 kilometers that runs through 3 countries and crosses the Baltic Sea. For a section in the province Sealand in Denmark, Brownline was commissioned by our customer A. Hak to survey multiple drill jobs in April 2021.

The Baltic Pipe project is a collaboration between Poland and Denmark and it is being built to transport natural gas from Norwegian gas fields in the North Sea to Poland via Denmark. Because of its large scope and impact, the project was recognized as a project of common interest by the European Union. Once completed, the pipeline’s transportation capacity will be 10 billion cubic meters per annum from Norway to both Denmark and Poland and 3 billion cubic meters per annum from Denmark to Poland. Taking these numbers into account, it is no surprise that the pipeline will have a diameter of 1000 mm.

When you are planning to build a gas pipeline with a length of 900 kilometers, safety is on top of the priority list. Valve stations play an important role in gas pipeline safety, because they control the flow and pressure of the gas carried by the pipeline. One of these valve stations will be constructed just outside of the city of Naestved, south of the Suså river. The Suså river is part of the Natura 2000 program because of the shelled river mussel that finds its home here. The gas pipeline will cross under the river before being connected to the valve station. The drill trajectory was set out at a depth of 40 meters to protect the area.

The combination of the required precision and the presence of vulnerable nature led infrastructure company A. Hak to the logical choice for the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool. Combined with the GPS track for additional verification, the drill was executed with extreme accuracy and without any disturbance to the Suså river or its inhabitants. Once the pipeline is installed, it can be connected safely to the valve station, ensuring safe and stable gas delivery for the people of Denmark and Poland.

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