Drilling for the construction of high-speed fiber optic internet in rural areas

Internet through fiber optic cables is the future and that’s why it’s being installed at an increasing rate throughout the Netherlands. For the construction of a fiber optic network in the rural area northwest of Schiphol Airport, Brownline was commissioned by our client van de Beek to survey a 187 meter long drill job in 2021.

While in many urban areas the construction of the fiber optic network is taking place at a rapid pace, it can sometimes happen that the rural area falls behind. To counter this, many local initiatives have been set up that work together with the telecom companies. In this way they can ensure that the whole country can eventually be connected to the fiber optic network. The demand for fast and stable internet has been growing for years, but due to the Covid-19 crisis and the resulting exodus from cities to the countryside, this has accelerated enormously in the last year. An initiative was started in the Haarlemmermeer region in 2019 to connect the small villages and hamlets to the fiber optic network. Only two years later, more than half of this project has already been completed, and a large part of the residents can already benefit from their fast connection.

One of the last parts of the project is taking place in the area northwest of Schiphol Airport. The 187-metre-long trajectory of this drill job runs parallel to a road. Where the entry point is located on a relatively quiet piece of land next to the road, the exit point is located on the site of a car company. On the way, a ditch and the busy Schipholweg N232 are crossed. With all these factors, the choice for the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool is an easy one. With extremely precise drill results, this great fiberglass project can quickly continue.

On to fast internet for everyone in the Netherlands!

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