Drilling for more power in North-Holland

When it comes to living, working and transportation, the county Haarlemmermeer in the Dutch province North-Holland is one of the busiest areas in The Netherlands. In order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for new connections to the power grid in the area, a new substation has to be built. In June 2021, Brownline surveyed three drills of our customer Van Leeuwen Sleufloze Technieken for the connections of this substation to the power grid.

The Haarlemmermeer-area traditionally attracts many transportation and international trade-related companies, but there is also a great deal of (greenhouse) horticulture in this area. In recent years, many new companies have been added, there has been an increase in housing construction and more and more solar panels are being installed to enable the energy transition. As a result, it is no longer possible to connect new large consumers to the power grid without consequences for existing users. This is of course an undesirable situation, which has created a need to build new substations. A substation connects two or more high-voltage grids, or is a connection point to the high-voltage grid. These types of stations are therefore essential for expanding the electricity grid.

Historically, this area has been very busy at all times. During the Second World War there was also a lot going on here. Bombings during the war left unexploded ordnance in the ground. Drilling in this area is therefore not only a challenge because of the crowdedness above ground, but also because of the invisible risks underground. The three drill trajectories of 210, 120 and 130 meters in length were all surveyed with the combination of the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and the UXOscope. In collaboration with the specialist of the company Van den Herik, the drills were carefully supervised to avoid all risks. Due to the proven accuracy of the Drillguide GST, the three drills were performed safely,flawlessly and within the stipulated time.

Construction of the substation can begin soon, so that trouble-free power supply can continue.

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