Crossing Pearl Harbor to install optic fiber cables

In November and December 2023, Brownline USA provided gyro steering services for the installation of an optic fiber line in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii. At this famous location in US history, Michels Trenchless Inc. installed a new telecommunications connection below the harbor bottom.

The entry point for this HDD crossing was on the US air force and navy base Pearl Harbor – Hickam. The 830 m / 2724 ft bore crossed the entrance to Pearl Harbor and exited on the other side.

Two horizontal curves

The trajectory of this bore followed two horizontal curves totaling 27°: 6° near entry and 21° near exit. Using the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, the drilled path was logged with the highest accuracy and kept on its planned course. After the 21° curve, the drill punched out as requested.

Brownline’s Pressure-While-Drilling service was used to monitor downhole pressures during the HDD crossing. Any fluctuations in the mud pressure were recorded, allowing the drilling contractor to take measures to avoid inadvertent returns.

The installation of this optic fiber line will allow more communities access to broadband internet, improving the connectivity across the island of Oahu. The telecommunications provider is also involved in installing subsea optic fiber connections between the Hawaiian islands. This will greatly improve the accessibility and reliability of high-speed internet in Hawaii.

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