Crossing a marina with a new drill rig

In May 2022, Brownline surveyed a short drilling in the town of Zwartewaal for contractor Van de Beek. This was the initiation for the TERRA DJ40 drill rig: Van de Beek had not performed a gyroscope drilling with this rig before.

In Zwartewaal, a multiple cable connection was installed below a small marina. This connection functioned as preparation for connecting a leisure park in the area, but it also replaced an existing medium voltage cable connection. Using a horizontal directional drilling, this connection was to be installed under the marina.

The bore was only 121 m / 397 ft long, but it had to make a 27° horizontal curve underneath the marina, with the combined radius being around 100 m / 328 ft. Accurate steering was required, which is why Brownline’s Gyro Steering Tool was employed. The TERRA DJ40 was put to the test with this project.

While minimizing the disturbance to the residents in the area, the connection to the other side of the marina was completed. The prototype of this modern drill rig and Brownline’s reliable Gyro Steering Tool came out as a good match. Van de Beek will own their very own DJ40 later this year.

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