Continuing the home game; 2.200 meter drill under vulnerable nature

Last fall, Brownline worked on a project consisting of three 1.100 meter drills in our own backyard in preparation for the expansion of highway A27. This winter, the project continued with a 2.200 Radar drill under a vulnerable nature area for the replacement of a water line.

The Zouweboezem is a nature area in our home town of Meerkerk. This remarkable area consists of grasslands, waters and reed lands and houses amongst others a wild duck colony. The marsh area boasts a great variety of birds that can be spotted from a for this purpose constructed platform walkway. The combination of fragile nature and bird colonies make drilling under this area quite the challenge.

After the previous successful pilot drills last fall, our customer chose to work with Brownline’s tools for this project as well. For this drill, we have used our Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool in combination with the Radar and GPS Track. The 2.244 meter long trajectory with a diameter of 700 mm was set out at a depth of 26 meter below the nature area. The drill was executed with an electrically powered drill rig, making this drill a European record due to the combination of the length and diameter. Besides this achievement, the combined efforts of the electrically powered drill rig and our tools ensured a minimal impact on the environment.

We are very proud of our contribution to this local and innovative project!

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