Connecting an oil pipeline to an oil terminal in Houston, USA

An oil pipeline originating from an oil terminal in the harbor of Houston needed to cross the harbor for distribution of oil and gas to neighboring regions.

The transport of oil and gas at high pressures requires stringent allowances for pipeline radii. Hence, an accurate steering system was needed to drill the bore hole.

Complicating factors 

  • The drill was 12303 Foot long and 229 ft deep
  • The crossing of the harbor bay
  • The stringent pipeline radii 


Our Radar Intersect system was used to install the pipeline across the harbor. Our Gyro steering tool was able to lay down a drill path within the ranges of allowable pipeline radii for oil and gas transport.

The two drill heads met in the middle of the harbor and through the Radar guidance system aligned to provide a fluid pipeline from entry to exit point. 

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