Challenging landfall in the Black Sea, Romania

The Black Sea is an area traditionally very rich in natural resources, including natural gas. Just north of the Romanian port city of Constanta, Brownline recently surveyed a quite challenging landfall of 1,500 meters in length for a natural gas pipeline.

Several gas fields can be found off the coastline of Romania. This project revolves around two gas fields some 100 kilometers off the coast, which together account for 10% of the total Romanian demand for natural gas. A total of approximately 125 kilometers of pipeline is needed to connect the unmanned production platforms of these gas fields with the processing facility on the mainland. From this processing facility, the natural gas will be further distributed to the users.

Brownline has surveyed a 1,500 meter drill for this pipeline, with a very challenging landfall in the seabed at 55 meters from the coastline. In addition to the fact that such a landfall in itself is an unusual drill, all other circumstances also presented a major challenge. For example, the site lacked a permanent water supply, the soil types varied from soft and sandy to very hard rock and the weather conditions were not ideal, to say the least. In addition, this part of the coastline is a protected nature reserve, so it was very important to execute this drill with as little inconvenience to nature as possible.

With Brownline's Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, this project was successful and completed on time, keeping the inconvenience to nature to an absolute minimum!

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