Centimeter-precise punch-out in Dordrecht, The Netherlands

In this project Brownline realized a long drill with a 60° horizontal curve. Accuracy at the exit point was paramount for this drill, and therefore our new GPS track module was used for a centimeter-precise punch-out.

Complicating factors

  • Horizontal curve of 60°
  • High accuracy needed at the exit point
  • 80% of the drill under water

Centimeter-precise punch-out

Our Gyro steering tool (GST) was combined with GPS track, a new tool that provides Inch-precise punch-outs, even for long drills. The Surface Unit was put at 656 ft and 328 ft from the exit point along the drill track. Through satellite positioning, the GST double checked its position through detection of the Surface Unit, thereby enabling a Inch-accurate punch-out.


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