Catching the ferry for more power

In the fall of 2021, Brownline surveyed a 583-meter long bore under the Gieseplas Lake in The Netherlands. This was the inaugural drill job for our customer A. Hak’s brand new 150-ton drill rig!

The Gieseplas Lake is located between the villages of Giesbeek and Rheden in the Dutch province Gelderland. Several campsites, marinas and recreational facilities can be found around the lake, which can be crossed by pedestrians and cyclists with a small ferry. The local grid operator is currently working hard to increase the capacity of the grid in the entire area. A number of bottlenecks have arisen in the region, which mainly limits the capacity for customers returning their self-generated power back to the grid, but also has consequences for connecting new clients. This means that, in particular, large-scale users such as companies and industry might have trouble requesting a new connection.

Part of this expansion project is the construction of a new power cable, right under the Gieseplas. The trajectory of this 538-meter-long bore follows the exact route of the lake ferry and is plotted at a depth of 48 meters below the lake. This bore was surveyed with the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool, which kept any consequences for the environment at bay.

The fast, safe and precise execution of this drilling resulted in extremely accurate results and a successful inauguration of A. Hak’s new drill rig!

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