Baptizing the GPS Track at Antwerp Port, Belgium

In the busy Port of Antwerp, Brownline has performed 3 drills with the Radar and GPS Track in 2019. This project marked the literal baptism of the newly developed submersible GPS Track, a brand new service offered by Brownline.

The TRA, which is the second biggest refinery in Europe, required a total of 3 new oil pipelines. The drill path for all three drills, each with a length of 1700 meter (558 feet), crosses the Schelde river. The required depth of the drills in combination with the thick clay soil have led to the choice of an intersect drill with our Radar tool. Drilling from both sides reduces the annular pressure.

The client marked a point of importance for them along the drill path, on which they required the use of our GPS Track. The point was located directly under the Schelde river. In order to realize this part of the project, Brownline has developed a submersible GPS Track. This tool can be used up to a depth of 500 meters (1640 feet) below the water surface and measure up to 40 meters (131 feet) below the river- or sea bed. The GPS Track was launched on to the busy Schelde river from a boat. The tool was then guided to the reference point at the river bottom to carry out the measuring.

The combination of our Radar and GPS Track tools and our experienced Brownline team have made these 3 drills a success. The GPS Track offers total control on both land and water!

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