Balanced results under any circumstances with Radar for Intersects!

In a project spanning a total of 3 months in 2021, Brownline completed three intersect bores crossing Lavaca Bay. This challenging project, led by HardRock Drilling, took place on unstable barge drilling platforms, asking quite the efforts of our surveyors.

Drilling a total of over 28,580 ft., Brownline was able to make a valuable contribution to this project crossing the Lavaca Bay in Port Lavaca, Texas. A crossing this big had to be split into three consecutive drills, starting from one end of the bay, then meeting in the middle and on to the other end of the bay.

In order to successfully complete each drill spanning from 7,500 ft. to 11,760 ft., Brownline’s Radar for Intersects was deployed. In spite of challenges of extreme length, various ground conditions, existing pipelines, severe rain, and remote barge locations this project was a success with the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and Radar for Intersects. By choosing the intersect method for all three of these bores, we were able to minimize the challenges that this length and location brought as well as provide extremely precise results, in spite of the changing soil circumstances that were faced.

Brownline is proud to assist in this project resulting in further distribution of natural gas from Port Lavaca.

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