Area Redevelopment Plan of Riverside Meadows in Red Deer, Canada

The community of Riverside Meadows is currently undergoing an area redevelopment project. Part of the scope consists of replacing several underground utilities, for which Brownline Canada recently surveyed a complicated drill job.

Riverside Meadows is a community within the city of Red Deer, Alberta. Until its incorporation by the city in 1948, it was known as North Red Deer. In 2019, a 25-million CAD upgrade to the community was approved, in order to bring amenities in the Riverside Meadows in line with those in newer communities throughout the city. This area redevelopment project consists of the overall upgrade of the local infrastructure such as utilities, roads, pathways and parks.

Brownline Canada surveyed a 325,45 meter drill for a 24” HDPE water installation. This installation will replace existing underground utilities used for water, sewer and storms. The drill path contained 2 Planned 800m Horizontal Curves with a total of 16.7° turn as well as 36° of total Vertical build within a measured distance of 325m. The engineered design geometry included 3 – 303.6m Combined Radius’s for over 50% of the total drilled length of the crossing.

The drill location itself proved to be a challenging factor as it was almost completely lacking above ground access. This was due to the river and existing infrastructure including residential properties, public pathways, parking lots for adjacent residences, and local roadways. Together with existing underground utilities and pipelines, this caused a high rate of external interference.

None of the above factors proved to be an issue for the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool in combination with the GPS Track. Brownline Canada is very happy with its contribution to the upgrade of the Riverside Meadows community.

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