Alberta Products Pipeline renovation project, Canada

With the surveying of 8 crossings of a total length of 4.400 meters, Brownline Canada has helped to realize phase 3 of the renovation works on the Alberta Products Pipeline.

The Alberta Products Pipeline is a 320 kilometer long pipeline that connects refineries located in the Edmonton region to distribution terminals in and around Calgary, as well as Calgary International Airport. The pipeline transports 7.700 m3 of refined fuel products on a daily basis, which equals approximately 48.400 barrels per day. The line was built between 1970 and 1980 and in order to continue safe transportation of the products for years to come, the pipeline owner decided that a renovation was needed.

A total of 8 crossings of the bore path were set out through several environmentally sensitive areas, including marsh lands, water bodies and farmers’ fields. But also infrastructure such as busy highways and future developments had to be crossed without causing any disruptions.

Brownline’s Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool and GPS Tracker combo helped reduce project setup time and minimize impact to the environment outside of the planned entry and exit locations. Our team efforts allowed for all pilot holes to be completed well within schedule, and all crossings to incur lower than calculated pull forces on the product line at time of installation!

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