Accurate drilling under a busy canal in Venice

In June 2023, Brownline surveyed an HDD crossing in Venice of nearly 900 m / 3000 ft. Using an outfall drilling, a water pipeline was installed from the Venice harbor, underneath a busy canal.

This pipeline was installed by contractor Anese, commissioned by a utility company in the city of Venice. On the island of Tronchetto, a new plant will be constructed where the water transport to and from the historic city can be controlled. As part of this project, an 800 mm / 32” steel pipeline was installed under the Canale della Giudecca.

More than 80% underwater

The drilling was launched from the harbor. With a light curve, the channel was crossed and after 897 m / 2943 ft, the drill punched out. The exit point was on an artificially created island between sheet piles. More than 80% of the drilled length was underwater.

In order to drill with the highest accuracy, the Drillguide Gyro Steering Tool was used to survey the job. Just before the planned exit point, Brownline’s GPS track was used as well. With GPS track on a platform above the water, an extra verification was carried out. This made it possible for the drill to punch out accurately within a centimeter in the narrow cofferdam.

During the job, the downhole pressure was continuously monitored using the GST’s Pressure-While-Drilling function. This minimized the risk of mud breakouts and ensured that the pilot bore could be completed safely.

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