120° horizontal curve drill job, Leiden, The Netherlands

This spring, Brownline has contributed to the construction of a wind farm with a 664 meter long drill with the Drillguide GST. At first glance this does not seem all that special, except for the 120° horizontal curve that was part of the trajectory!

To realize the construction of the wind farm right next to the highway A4, the designated area had to be connected to the power grid. The trajectory for this drill job was planned to run parallel with the N206 access road to the highway. The extremely busy N206 connects the city of Leiden to the highway A4. Even though the planned trajectory was set out very close to the road, there could not be any inconvenience to the many road users. 

As is the case with a lot of cities in The Netherlands, the city of Leiden is both surrounded by as well as crossed through a great number of canals and other waterways. It was unavoidable that some of them had to be crossed for this drill job. The combination of the very tight trajectory, the high rate of external interference caused by water, roads and many buildings, and the extremely sharp curve could make this apparently ordinary drill job quite the challenge.

By using the Drillguide GST however, this project ran very smooth and a big step has been made towards more renewable energy in the Dutch Green Heart.

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