Our story

Bring in the experts! 

When it comes to drilling
under exceptional circumstances,
situations wherein precision and exactness
are not just a demand but more of a necessity,
when you cannot afford delays
because of costs, interests and other concerns,
you simply cannot rely on just faith,
fortune and prosperity.
These are the moments that you need to
bring in the experts! 

With our roots in the Netherlands,
living on a tiny surface, in a land that is mainly beneath sea level,
we have learned to think in terms of solutions and inventions.
We have come to own the capabilities to reach our goals no matter what.
And we know the importance of overcoming impediments
and finding our way out. 

Being born and raised under these circumstances
made us untouchable for impediments and setbacks.
We have turned drilling into an art form
which is not practised anywhere else around the world.
Regardless of any obstacles on the surface
or any unpleasant surprises down below
we drill distances up to 5 kilometers long, 1 kilometer deep
and in any desirable direction.

With the most advanced technology available in the market
we ensure maximum accuracy, minimal lead time
and our commitment to end your challenge before we leave.

When you’re looking for reliability, precision and an
innovative hands-on mindset … bring in Brownline!