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Key benefits of our steering service

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1. Easy setup & steering

Within 1 hour after arriving on-site we are ready to drill. No magnetic fields or beacons need to be placed on the surface to be able to navigate. Which means that preparation time that can take up to a few days, is saved.

"Our in-house developed software for rig operators is easy-to-use"

The surveyor on-site tracks the progress of the drill head based on the actual read-outs of the sensors. Our proprietary software translates the complexities of the downhole sensors to a simple read-out for the rig operators and our surveyors.

2. Highly accurate

Brownline has developed a steering tool that is unrivalled in its accuracy. The accuracy of the tools is 0.01° in the pitch plane and 0.04° in the azimuth plane. Items in and above ground that have magnetic and/or electric properties do not affect the steering tool.

3. Modular in nature

The modular design of our steering tools allows the addition of add-on units, such as GPS track and Radar Intersect. These modules offer solutions for every type of drill, that enables our clients to execute drills that were previously unthinkable.

Service benefits

4. Horizontal and vertical

Our steering tool is suitable for horizontal drills and vertical drills, as well as drills that have a combination of both directions. This allows the realization of any desired drill track. Our tool has in practice been used for drills up to 15000 ft long, more than 3300 ft deep and for drills with vertical and horizontal curves.

"Our tools make the previously impossible, possible"

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