(Gyro Steering Tool GST)

Also used in combination with mudmotors.
New: Downhole Fluid Pressure measuring

- No surface access needed.
- Highest possible accuracy.
- Not influenced by magnetic disturbances.
- Unlimited drilling depth.
- No conduit survey cables at the surface.
- No restrictions for drilling in urbanised areas.




The DrillGuide is the most advanced navigation and guidance system on the market. After years of experience with magnetic steering tools, Brownline developed the GST using new technologies, in which gyroscopes play an important role. The DrillGuide GST is the most accurate of all present day drilling navigation and guidance systems. It gives the drilling contractor the highest possible certainty to position the bore hole as required in the shortest possible time, with the highest level of accuracy.

The measurement accuracy of the Drillguide GST guidance system is 0.04 degrees on the Azimuth angle and 0,02 on the Pitch angle. The GST technology is continually measuring while drilling and determining the location of the drillhead with these accuracies. This makes the Drillguide GST the best possible choice for difficult jobs; for example with large drilling depths.

Presently, the drill-path is derived from an AutoCad drawing with local grid coordinates. The guidance software shows the drillhead position relative to this planned drill-path, which enables the drilling engineer to make corrective steering actions where necessary. It is therefore possible to follow the desired Bore path much more precisely within the allowed bore-hole tolerances. Practical experiences with the GST prove that making all calculations prior to the actual drilling saves the drilling contractor a lot of time, since no further preparations are needed at the drill-site. Influence by often unknown magnetic disturbances and the assurance that the entire pilot drill is being drilled as planned, offers new opportunities. For example parallel drills with fixed distances, locations with magnetic distortions and locations with difficult or no surface accessibility.